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Our Sweet Mission

 Our sweet mission is to sprinkle joy worldwide, one tangy treat at a time! 🍬 We're on a mission to spread the delightful flavors of India's finest candies, chocolates, and snacks to every corner of the globe, making smiles sweeter and moments more memorable. 🌍✨

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The Sweet Concept

At The Indian Chatora Store, we deliver the authentic taste of India to your doorstep. Indulge in our diverse range of traditional sweets, snacks, and candies, carefully curated to satisfy every craving. Explore our customizable candy boxes and irresistible combos, bringing a burst of flavor to your day. Join us on a flavorful journey, delivered worldwide 

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Himanshu Gupta, CEO and Head The Indian Chatora

Our CEO leads with a vision to bring the rich flavors of India to the world. With a passion for quality and authenticity, they drive our team to deliver exceptional products and experiences to our customers worldwide 

Vakul, CMO

Our CMO is the creative force behind our brand's success. With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences, they craft innovative marketing strategies to showcase our products and engage with our audience.

Rishav, CTO

Our CTO is the driving force behind our technological innovations. With a focus on enhancing the customer experience, they harness the power of technology to streamline our processes and ensure seamless transactions for our global clientele.

Harshita, CFO

Our CFO oversees the financial health of our organization with precision and expertise. By implementing strategic financial planning and rigorous analysis, they ensure the stability and growth of our business, allowing us to continue delivering value to our customers